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Brain-based teaching is all about smarter, more purposeful teaching that can reach a greater number of students. It’s not any one single thing you do. It’s more about the on-going, purposeful aggregate of environment, instruction and curriculum strategies that makes it all work.

Founders Diane and Eric Jensen - brain based strategy for the learning brain
Founders Diane and Eric Jensen


Dear Colleague...

It’s easy to find some program or conference these days with the word “brain” in it. The hard part is finding a conference with genuine brain research that is explained in everyday teacher-friendly language and role modeled, so you can see and hear exactly how it can be used in the real world. But you’re about to discover an exception, and, best of all… you get a satisfaction guarantee or your money back! You can now get learning and the brain research behind it PLUS the practical strategies to make it come alive. Now, here’s how the most trusted name in brain-based learning could do that for you…

We all know neuroscience is exploding—over 37,000 neuroscientists from 80 countries producing hundreds of studies daily. Fortunately, some key studies actually do apply directly to the classroom. In my revised best-selling book, Teaching with the Brain in Mind, you’ll find over 400 scientific, up-to-date, high-quality references from peer-reviewed science journals. You don’t find that kind of irrefutable science in other educational books. This neuroscience is powerful, but it’s got to be practical to be of any use to you. That’s why you clicked on our site. To learn more about learning and brain conferences or even attend a conference elsewhere, choose from below:

• You want IMMEDIATE workshop information such as speakers, location, session titles, how to register and hotel information, (click here) From there, go up, to the top drop-down menus.

• You want MORE information about the my teacher workshops; keep reading. Each is all about learning and the brain. But more importantly, this workshop is about the people who put it on. We’re NOT “Big Business”, we are educators who know that what’s needed is fresh, research-backed, new, classroom-tested and brain-based content in an engaging way.

You may know me, Eric Jensen, from a workshop or book
(like Brain-Based Learning, or Teaching with the Brain in Mind). After all, one in five educators in America have already attended my in-depth conferences, the Learning Brain EXPO (coming up fast) or purchased one of my 24 books on the brain and learning (like Enriching the Brain). For over 20 years, I have advocated brain-based teaching as the revolution needed to cope with the changing times in education.


You actually don’t have to work harder; you can work smarter. But not one educator in 10 actually knows how. Here’s one of those:

“It was a stimulating and eye-opening experience that
really makes sense.”
-S. Davis, Lubbock, TX

That’s right; it makes sense. No gobbley-gook or hocus-pocus. No fancy long technical words. No overdone formulas. When you learn and apply the science from our workshop with purpose, you get brain-based learning. Avoid watered-down imitations offered by “instant experts” and imitator “brain conferences.” The real deal is powerful and you can find it at my teacher's workshops!

But what about test scores?

All test score improvement HAS to include the brain. When you enrich the brain, improve learning and build staff skills, you will get better test scores. In fact, you will discover that you can improve test scores, student engagement, and eradicate burnout from your school district and professional life with brain-based teaching. How do I know? I have worked with many schools over the years. One of them went from the bottom 25% in the state to the top 25% in the state

I co-founded an experimental residential academic program and tested learning strategies. Since then, over 45,000 discouraged kids from every income level, every culture, from two dozen countries around the world, have been transformed into hungry, skilled learners. Since then, I have not only researched the principles, I have personally tried them out on tens of thousands of teachers!

An independent evaluation of the academic program (mentioned above) called the results, “Astonishing.” (An assessment by William Benn and Associates, Laguna Hills, CA in July, 2003). Our own staff discovered that these methods will also consistently work with students just like yours. And once you’ve tasted the powerful changes, you’ll never go back.

I’ve put all of these powerful strategies in one place. You can now attend one of my specialized workshops focusing exclusively on how to apply cutting-edge brain research to your work.

Plus, you can reserve your seat today, and go up to the top drop-down menu for registration, or choose from a 2, 4 or 6-day workshop.

Workshopes for the learning brain - brain based teaching

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From Burned Out to Energized…

Now is your chance to be part of a rare event that brings together the world’s top experts on learning, the human brain, educational innovation, and much more. It is all about the brain. Why?

Listen…all teachers use strategies; the difference here is that the strategies you’ll learn at my teacher workshops are based on real science and have been classroom-tested. Plus, you get to see them modeled, so you see HOW to use them in your classroom. That way, your implementation and success rates go up dramatically. This means test scores will likely go up as a result.

If you have read this far, then you do recognize the need for changes. At a Jensen Learning teacher's workshop, you will meet other colleagues who also recognize the desperate need for change, and they are energized to make a difference and ready to support one another! You might meet:

  • Teachers who experience constant stress in the classroom
  • Educators who want to boost achievement in their school
  • Administrators developing a plan for their students to succeed
  • Trainers who are having trouble motivating and engaging others
  • Supervisors, lead teachers and principals
  • Arts educators and therapists, graduate students in education, researchers
  • Musicians and music educators
  • School board members, independent and parochial school personnel
  • Charter school organizers and parents

I receive hundreds of wonderful letters and emails from past attendees, who rave about what they learned about the real brain-based learning:

“Go for it! Best time and money you’ll ever spend to
improve the learning of your students.”
S. Liles, Houston, TX

Does this sound good?

The future belongs to those with vision who can grasp not just trends, but the importance of them. Nothing is more relevant to you than your brain or the brain of your spouse, parents, or children. You might as well learn about it and start gaining the countless benefits that our past graduates have been enjoying. Join the thousands of educators who have chosen to transform their professional lives.

An Eric Jensen Teacher Workshop is a rare gathering
of the top experts on learning and the human brain…
Attend and you will learn:

  • Why and how movement increases intelligence – How you can apply the science of movement in your school and classroom.
  • How to make staff development programs engaging, meaningful, and FUN while insuring high levels of commitment and follow-through.
  • How to revolutionize your faculty room -- and make it a place of learning, discovery, collaboration, excitement, and positive transformation.
  • The shocking truth about food and your brain function --
  • How music and the arts can change learning and the brain.
  • How children’s brains are changing -- and what’s next –

Almost half of all attendees have already been to a Jensen Learning workshop before. They know that Eric's workshops are the “watering hole” for thirsty educators. In fact, many attendees fly thousands of miles to attend. We’ve had visitors from Thailand, U.K., Brazil, Australia, France, New Zealand, Mexico, China and countless other countries. If educators would fly three, five, even ten thousand miles to get to this event, shouldn’t you make a trip to and learn more about it? You can (Click here) and go up to the top drop-down menu for registration or sessions and speakers.

“Go for it...well worth the time investment.”
-A. Bostrom, Sweden

When you actually attend ne of my teacher workshops, you will...

  • Receive dozens of specific, practical tools and strategies that you can apply immediately
  • Interact with leading experts in neuroscience, learning, and the arts
  • Learn proven methods for boosting student learning, motivation, and achievement
  • Discover how to create and sustain positive change in your local school, district, and community
  • Develop a step-by-step action plan ready for immediate implementation back on the job
  • Increase knowledge base by experiencing the cutting-edge of innovations in teaching and learning
  • Skyrocket self-confidence as you develop greater expertise with brain-compatible approaches.
  • Get a 100+-page FREE resource manual for long-term follow-up giving you details and highlights on the presentations.

If this sounds good to you, and you want IMMEDIATE teacher workshop information: speakers, location, session titles, and hotel information. Click Here and go up to the top drop-down menu for any information you need to hop on aboard.

What Else Can You Expect to Learn?

  • How to promote intrinsic motivation
  • The intricate role emotions play in the thinking and learning process
  • How to get students emotionally engaged and excited about learning
  • How emotions (our body’s ‘second nervous system’) influence the ability to learn
  • Why movement is absolutely critical for effective and enduring learning
  • Why music and the arts build better brains
  • Practical suggestions for immediately boosting student learning -- and teacher success.

To introduce you to this revolutionary mind/brain technology, you are invited to a Jensen Learning Teacher's Workshop. This research-driven, crash-course in accelerating student learning is happening in a great city, with plenty to do. The 45 conference sessions are the cream of the crop; I hand-pick the presenters based not just on content expertise, but the ability to keep you engaged even to the last minute. I have been hosting these educational conferences on the brain and learning since 1987. Can you name anyone else in the world who’s done that?

“Take it now! What we do with kids cannot be put on hold.”
-M. Turner, Farmington, MI

In fact, Learning Brain Workshops were the first, and remains, to this day, the original, top quality brain-based learning conference. Others imitate, but without the key practical connections, you’d just get a parade of boring scientists, and the promoters are selling you something they do not even understand themselves. On the other hand, I have personally made over 45 visits to neuroscience laboratories. I meet with neuroscientists several times a year. I hand pick our scientists and you’ll only get those that can “connect the dots.” Does all this hands-on research pay off? You bet!

“Absolutely crucial for facilitating the learning process
into the next millennium.”
–M. Hoffman, Bowir, MD

“Awesome, extraordinary, exhilarating, fantabulous, a must for
prevention and necessary for cure of our educational environment.”

-A. Greiner, Norcross, GA


Only if You’ve Read This Far...

It’s time to quit dreaming and start taking action. Hold your seat today. Your deposit saves you a seat while you make your plans. Hotel rates are reasonable (especially if you share), and the city is legendary for hospitality. No car needed and the locals will welcome you with open arms.

“It’s a must if you plan to continue to be in education.”
-J. Mansfield, Marina Del Rey, CA

If you want IMMEDIATE and MORE teacher workshop information: location, session titles, how to register and hotel information, you can! Click here and go up to the top drop-down menu for all the info you need. I look forward to seeing you there.


Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen

P.S. Seats go fast! But if you just want to receive a no-obligation FREE conference brochure, giving you all the key information to immediately boost learning, engagement and test scores, mailed to you ASAP, call us Toll-Free at 888-638-7246 or email us at info@jensenlearning.com.


Don't miss our amazing and original brain-based teaching and training workshops for teachers, trainers and administrators. Click an image below for more details:

Workshopes for the learning brain - brain based teaching

Workshopes for the learning brain - brain based teaching

Click Here For Details On Brain-Based Learning Workshops.

My Brain-Based Learning Techniques
Boost Student Learning & Achievement,
Are User-Friendly, Classroom-Proven,
Freshly-Researched, 100% Brain-Based Teaching Strategies For The Learning Brain...

Every event is fun-filled, action-packed and guaranteed to give you usable, fresh strategies that you can use in your teaching arsenal for years. Plus, you get the genuine research that supports every single innovative, easy-to-use teaching idea that you can put into effect immediately.

Jensen Learning - brain based teaching for the learning brain

Eric Jensen’s topics focus on practical strategies linking brain research to student achievement. At conferences, Eric Jensen typically does keynotes and breakout sessions. In addition, Eric is available to offer much longer, more in-depth programs at your school or district. Each additional day gives your participants a stronger scientific foundation plus additional practical strategies, with time to practice on-site.

Nurture the learning brain through brain-based teaching approaches Professional Development Topic choices: * Teaching with the Brain in Mind * Tools for Engagement * Teaching with Poverty in Mind * Upgrading and Enriching the Student Brain * 12 Principles of Brain-Based Education * Early Childhood Education * Arts with the Brain in Mind * Unlocking the 7 Secrets of the Teen Brain * Different Brains, Different Learners (Special Needs) * 7 Discoveries from Brain Research that Could Revolutionize Education * Memory and Recall for Underperformers

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